I was born in 1979 and raised in Liverpool. As a child I had two loves, one was the theatre and the other was art. I have been pretty torn between these two worlds my whole life and have studied both disciplines.  I can't remember a time when I didn't love to sing, dance and act or a time when I didn't draw, paint or constantly feel the desire to make stuff. My favourite thing was making miniature scenes and theatres out of cardboard, and I was also obsessed with puppets. My grandmother used to knit puppets for us which were incredible and I remember my dad building me a full sized puppet theatre. I was also always even then hung up on drawing the human figure. Without sounding too pretentious, it is the very essence of who I am, and my God given in-built desire to be an artist. It is who I am.

After completing an art foundation course in Liverpool I studied 3D design in Manchester. It was here that I soon realised that I favoured ceramics and sculpture over woodwork, metalwork, or furniture and product design and fell head first into my primary passion of recreating the human form in my favourite media of clay. It was at this time I also started to explore the whole idea of movement and how this can be captured on a flat canvas or within a static sculpture. I attended life drawing classes and learnt how to draw quickly and fluidly.

While studying art and design I continued to act alongside my studies and attended dance classes and appeared in several plays and musicals. After my degree ended I then studied acting full time and completed an MA in acting and musical theatre.This was a very exciting and fulfilling time and I felt like a kid in a sweet shop exploring all of these medias in depth.

Since leaving university and as time has progressed, the tug of war between these two worlds gradually begun to lean in the favour of the visual arts and I started to see myself primarily as a visual artist. All the experience I gained and my passion for performance, especially dance, has not been lost, and indeed now forms the primary basis of all my work.

I produce paintings in watercolour and Indian ink, and ceramic sculptural forms, based on the human figure. To capture the movement I so love, I roll and tear the clay, working fast and freely in order to retain and inject life into it and embody the sense of movement. The figures that I produce are created using a variety of clays, mainly paper clay, and fired to an earthenware temperature. I apply metal oxides and stains by brush in a loose, watercolour consistency, again to ebable me to work fast and freely. This allows me to create a variety of surface finishes and obtain different 'skin' tones while still retaining the vitality and movement. 

As well as being inspired by artists, mainly painters, such as Lucian Freud and Egon Schiele or the incredible drawings of Rodin I also love to watch contemporary dance, my favourites being Pheonix Dance Theatre, Rambert and Akram Khan. Here I can see what is at the forefront of the dance worldand translate this into my portfolio.

I still continue to take every opportunity I can to perform and to take part in acting and dance workshops in order to seek inspiration and find new ways to translate what I see on stage or in a dance studio into my paintings and sculptures. I would love in the future to collaberate with a choreographer and melt these two worlds together I am trying to join.

In short, primary goal is to draw out the expression and passion of the dancer, the actor, the performer and choreographer, and make permanent the fleeting joy of performance.