Dominic was born and raised in Liverpool. He produces paintings in watercolour and Indian ink, and ceramic sculptural forms, based on the human figure.

To capture the movement, he rolls and tears the clay, working fast and freely in order to inject life into it and embody the sense of movement. The figures that he produces are created using a variety of clays, including paper clay, and fired to an earthenware temperature. 

He applies metal oxides and stains by brush in a loose, watercolour consistency, to ebable him to work freely. This allows him to create a variety of surface finishes and obtain different 'skin' tones while still retaining the vitality and movement. 

Dominic works in Indian Ink creating an amazing portfolio of dance inspired paintings.

Quote from the artist: “Dance is a transient art, each moment fleeting and impermanent. It is this essence that I am trying to capture in my work, and to make permanent the fleeting joy of performance.”